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Guitar lessons and information




Children, 20-30 minute lessons $40 per lesson.

Adults, classical, rock, Bossa Nova, 50 minute lessons $52 per lesson or $199 / 4 lessons.

Here is a list of useful things which help a lot while learning the guitar:


1.  A guitar: 1/4 size, 1/2 size, or Full size (over 12 years old).

 Suggestion: Rainbow Guitars on Campbell (guitar for beginner should be $100-175: Nylon strings for children).


2.  A footstool (about $15). Unless you want to play folk/rock, please buy one. It fits in the guitar soft case. It will help you(r-child) a lot to sit comfortably and not have the guitar fall over (grown-ups don't have this problem).


3. A light music stand (about $15) and a simple guitar stand ($15),


4. Any size notebook for me to write down notes / homework.


Footstool and music stand are very helpful : You can play without but it's much easier with for classical guitar. Practice at the same time, same place is ideal for children. Try to have the guitar out on the stand at all times: It is always a nice incentive to play!

We can use your method if you have one, or mine: I have published two guitar books: Acoustic Guitar I and II (pop-rock, tabs and diagrams), and Classical Guitar I and II (classical and folk tunes on sheet music).

From my interdisciplinary training, we also can mix genres if you wish to (books are $37 each and cover several years of practice).

For intermediate to advanced students, I specialize in the bossa nova jazz genre 

from Brazil. I can also help you with any other style, folk, rock, blues, electric and classical.

Please call me for additional details (510) 326-2434.

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